what a box and packaging can be

Don't throw away your box and packaging yet!  


The box itself can be useful for many things.  


  • Create a time capsule
  • Art supply box
  • School box
  • Closet/Drawer organizer - Marie Kondo style :)
  • Cardboard origami art project
  • Magic window art project
  • Game board when disassembled
  • Book nook to store books in
  • Create a bed for a doll or stuffed animal
  • Create a sandbox or other senory box with beans or rice
  • Box for nature collection
  • “Pond” for plastic frogs from game to jump into
  • Container to make mud pies
  • Toad abode
  • Photo box
  • Piggy bank with slot for coins
  • Pot to grow flowers
  • Bug box
  • Gnome house
  • Fairy house with door and windows
  • Personal memory box
  • Father’s Day gift- watch box
  • Mother’s Day gift- Jewelry box
  • Small garage with car, man door and windows
  • 4 months of boxes could be combined as rooms for a doll house by clipping them together
  • Small doll house with door and windows
  • Toy Box- Box to store the subscription fine motor toys
  • Snow fort “brick” maker- hmmm, might not work. Let us know! :)
  • Sand castle “brick” maker- hmmm, might not work, either, but try and let us know! :)



The packaging peanut are biodegradable.  They are derived from starch, so if you or your have a corn or similar allergy, best to avoid these.  Please reach out to us if it is a problem!


To make a creation, take a small bowl of water and dap a bit of water onto the peanut.  Your child can build anything they want with it.  Add some paint or color with markers for some added fun!

Here are some ideas:

  • Igloo
  • Polar Bear
  • Snowman
  • Catepillar


Post your own or your child's creations or practical or not so practical uses on instagram with the tag #Grasp4SuccessCreations.  If it is not on our list, we will add it!